Wondering Where to Buy Felt? We Can Help!

Wondering where to buy felt? Here at Spectex, we might be a little biased, but we also have decades of experience to back up our felt expertise. One of the main complaints we hear when new customers reach out to us is that they’ve purchased felt produced cheaply overseas and have been dissatisfied. Unfortunately, for customers in manufacturing, it goes beyond dissatisfaction. Wasting money on low quality felt is more than a disappointment, it’s a misstep that slows production and sales or affects customer satisfaction and product quality. When you choose to work with a company like Spectex who produces high quality felt here in the US, the difference is clear.



Quality Standards & Industry Experience

Low prices can be tempting, especially when they come from an overseas seller who promises high quality and offers photos that look convincingly good. We’ve heard the same story dozens of times from clients who inevitably come to us for their order. They made a purchase at a deep discount from an overseas seller and received a low quality product that couldn’t be used, couldn’t be returned, and resulted in a huge waste of time and money. Time is money after all, and if you have to wait for an overseas shipment only to find that the product you’ve received is unusable, then you’ve wasted both! When you choose to order your felt from Spectex, you can count on a great deal and a high quality product made in the US.



Customer Service & Information

Unlike overseas distributors, to whom your business is just an order number and more dollar signs, at Spectex we truly care about our customers! In our decades of experience, we’ve learned that the high quality materials we produce are worth nothing without the expertise, guidance, and helpful care that we offer our valued customers. When you contact Spectex, you’ll speak with a felt expert with extensive experience in the industry. We’ll take the time to learn about your unique application in order to understand your unique needs and offer the best product solution.

No matter how you slice it, overseas companies simply can’t offer that level of personalized, high quality service. Even if you don’t know the precise type of felt you need, don’t be concerned; we can help! We’ve built a reputation of reliability by educating our customers about the numerous options available to them, then working with them through every step of the process to ensure that they make a decision they can be confident about.


Price & Consistency

While we understand the appeal of low prices from overseas vendors, we’ve already discussed the reasons why choosing to source your felt from them is more risk than reward. Additionally, when we focus on the numbers, what seems like a savings at first is often quite the opposite. The flat rate of an overseas vendor might seem low, but when you factor in the cost of shipping, the wasted time waiting to receive your order, and the inevitable shipping and customs costs when you inevitably need to return the material, that number goes up.

More often than not, overseas vendors don’t accept returns, meaning that once you finally receive your product – whether it’s what you wanted or not- you’re stuck with it. Consistency is also a struggle when dealing with international vendors who often source their materials from numerous factories, so even if you receive the right product and feel that it’s worth the money, the next time you go to order it there’s a good chance you’ll receive something different, or what you want won’t be available anymore.


Why Buy Felt from Spectex

If you’re still wondering where to buy felt, we urge you to give us a call. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and help you gain a better understanding of the range of options available to you. Ready to begin the discussion? Contact us or request a quote today!



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