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Cross Link, Ultra-flexible Electroluminescent Lighting System

Lamp & Illumination Characteristics

  • Lamps are flexible and durable - can be folded within the product (shelter, pack, tent, etc.) for greatly reduced deployment time and reduced personnel usage.
  • Large area, diffuse light source, distinct from point source lighting options; minimal casting of shadows due to large area, distributed light source.
  • Large area lights are pleasing on the eyes, not harsh.
  • White light quality allows for clear viewing of information - colors are easily distinguished from one another; good color rendering of illuminated objects.
  • Low environmental impact; no mercury.
  • Weight savings - significant weight and space savings vs. standard fluorescent lighting.
  • Lifetime to half-brightness is dependent on several factors, including light color (green vs. white), the input voltage and frequency, and lamp design. When powered continuously with a resonant inverter, current values for time to half-brightness is about 800 - 1000 hours for white SuperFlex lamps.

Physical & Electrical Characteristics

  • Light can be white, green, or blue. Other colors are possible, using pigmented filters or overprints, depending on the application.
  • Illuminated area can be designed in nearly any shape or size.
  • Variety of lamp substrates can be used - Flexible (fabric, films, textiles, etc.) or rigid (metals, thick plastic sheeting, etc.).
  • Lamps can be fixed or adhered to flexible or rigid areas or equipment.
  • Lamps are produced with standard screen printing equipment in ambient environment.
  • Lamps can be easily changed and are interchangeable with each other.
  • Lamps can be attached to other products (tent liners, tent ceilings, etc.) with standard hook and loop construction or other appropriate fastening methods.
  • AC power required. Will operate on DC (batteries) when combined with an inverter to convert the output to AC.
  • Dimmable light output, depending upon the type of power supply used.
  • Designed for indoor use at this time - not designed for prolonged, direct exposure to sun (UV) or precipitation.
  • Lamps do not currently have UL, ANSI, OSHA or NFPA approval. Power supplies have UL approval.

Electroluminescent LightingGENERAL CONSIDERATIONS:

General power supply requirements:

In general, SuperFlex panels (any size) require AC input (400 - 800 Hz) and ~ 100 - 180 Vrms.
Standard Configurations are:

  • For large areas: 4 - 6 large SuperFlex lamps powered by one power supply (Ceelite 1100B, CL-PS-L)
  • For small areas: 1 small SuperFlex lamp powered by one power supply

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