Booth Felt is proud to announce a new scouring plug product to add to its well established line of Felt Plugs. The new product incorporates felt and an abrasive material that aggressively scours the debris from the interior of tubing. This new plug compliments Booth Felt�s B-10 �cleaning plug� and a VIP-10 �visual inspection plug�. We can fabricate virtually any diameter and any length plugs with our stock tooling. Plugs ranging in diameter from � inch to 11/16 inch are typical. The B-10 nomenclature refers to a soft felt material. Other designations available include B-5 �medium firmness� and B-1 �firm felt�.

Do you use such products? Booth Felt would be very interested in quoting your needs. Booth is a progressive thinking company offering competitive pricing backed by years of experience and quality products with a focus on service. If you require a special product that is not described above, let us know and we will work with you to design a custom product for your application.

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