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Spectex is an exclusive converter and distributor of FLATLITE® Electroluminescent lamp. Electroluminescent (EL) light is described as a Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC). It is a much more efficient way of background lighting than LED (Light Emitting Diode). EL lamp has many benefits including being thin, flexible, energy efficient and cool. EL Lamp is made in rolls and uses aluminum foil as its main conductor. Another big benefit of FLATLITE® is its ability to be converted into various shapes and sizes. Depending on your background lighting situation, Spectex will not only help you in converting it, but can help you create your project thru our mechanical engineering and background lighting knowledge. FLATLITE® allows designers to put light where it was never before possible with an ease of fabrication not matched by any other light source in the world. To put it quite simply, FLATLITE® is only limited by imagination in the ways it can be used.

Unique items converted by Spectex using this product have the brand SPECTALITE ™.

FLATLITE® Electroluminescent lampSome of the uses of FLATLITE® are but not limited to:

  • Signage and Graphic Displays.
  • Pathway Marking and Lighting
  • Decorative Architecture
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Graphic/ Control Panel Overlays


  • ElectroluminescentHighly visible in smoke and other low-visibility conditions.
  • No filaments to break or fail.
  • Immune to vibration and shock.
  • Extremely durable construction -- continues to operate even if pierced.
  • Long-life battery back-up to ensure functionality of an electroluminescent system during loss of power for time periods that exceed building codes (2 hour minimum in increments of 4 hours).
  • Will last the average cycle life of a building -- 30,000 hours when used as needed or tested.
  • 30,000 hours lasts about three years if on 24/7 and will only dim at that point.

Spectex is a full-service materials converter serving markets including Aerospace, Medical, Energy, Safety and Communications.