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Spectex is a reliable source for your material converting needs. In addition, we offer a variety of products satisfying a number of industries. Spectex specializes in die cutting, slitting, rewinding, routing, water jet cutting and other value added processes.

About Us
Spectex is a full-service materials converter serving numerous markets including Energy, Consumer, Communications, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, Packaging, Pharmaceutical and Safety. Spectex has earned an excellent reputation and has a record of successful growth based on performance.

Materials List
Spectex has converting experience with a wide variety of materials. A comprehensive list of materials in our experience base is provided below. As can be seen, the list includes fibrous materials such as fabrics and felts, foams, plastics, cork, rubbers and metals.

Everyone at Spectex is committed to providing superior, cost effective, on time products and services. Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations. We achieve this by dedicating ourselves to continuous improvement and innovation of all our products and services.

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Custom Die Cutting
Spectex serves world-wide industry with one of the broadest selections of Precision Custom Die Cutting capabilities. Geometry of the finished part can range from simple doughnut shapes to complex forms with irregular holes and cut outs.

Die Cutting
Spectex has a variety of die cutting methods used for a variety of die cut materials. Die cutting methods include Rotary die cutting, Clicker cutting, Traveling Head die cutting as well as a many high speed die cutting presses.

Electro-lum Fab
rubber materialSpectex is an exclusive converter and distributor of FLATLITE® Electroluminescent lamp. Electroluminescent (EL) light is described as a Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC). It is a much more efficient way of background lighting than LED (Light Emitting Diode). EL lamp has many benefits including being thin, flexible, energy efficient and cool.

Fiber, Felt, and Foam Gaskets and Die Cut Parts
Spectex is a foremost producer of precision fiber, felt, foam gaskets and fiber, felt, and foam die cut parts and related substrates.

Spectex is available to handle your sorting, kitting and packaging needs. We offer semi-automated and hand assembly for intricate work, very small roll products or specialized packaging requirements.

Spectex uses state of the art equipment for the skiving or splitting of materials. This is the ability to take a thicker piece of material and bring it down to a specific thickness that is not readily available.

Rotary Die Cutting
Spectex has a variety of Rotary Die Cutting machines which utilize a cylindrical die which travels over a flat surface which contains the depressed female die. A wide variety of materials can be roll-fed or sheet-fed through the rolling rotary die cutting die. This includes rubber and related rubber products, plastics of all types, fiber, felt, and foam. Please see a complete listing under "Products: Gaskets and Die Cut Parts". The die cuts or perforates desired shapes and the waste is disposed. "Kiss Cutting" is readily performed because the die does not touch the liner.

Slitting/ Rewinding
Spectex's slitting capabilities allows the precision slitting of a variety of materials including felts, scrims, fabrics, foams, papers and foils (to name a few). Our modern slitting equipment assures the fastest possible turnaround times without compromising quality. Our reel to reel slitting machines can handle a wide range of roll formations including narrow web slitting.

Steel Rule Die Cutting
Spectex excels in steel rule die cutting a wide variety of shapes and substrates utilizing steel rule dies. Our widest machine can accommodate sheet or roll-fed substrates up to 78" wide.

Thermo Bond / Mold
Waterjet Cutting, Machining, ExtrudingSpectex produces a wide range of products that combine thermal bonding and die cutting. In some instances, numerous layers of the same material are locally adhered at selected locations prior to die cutting and in other cases, dissimilar materials are adhered together with a variety of glues and techniques prior to forming and/or die cutting. Spectex can custom Thermal form and mold a variety of thermoplastic and composite materials.

Waterjet Cutting
Water-jet cutting is an excellent method for producing prototype and test parts or short production runs since no expensive tooling is required. Our waterjet cutting capabilities offer a fast, flexible and accurate method of cutting that includes complex or difficult parts while maintaining the integrity of the material. Spectex has the ability to waterjet cut with either ultra high pressure water or an abrasive stream allowing us to process a diverse range of materials.

Adhesive Backed Felts
Spectex offers a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA). We are a sanctioned 3M converter and have access to a number of engineered products both industrial and medical. Our laminating capabilities allow us to apply these adhesive systems onto a number of substrates including, but not limited to, felts, foams, rubbers, films, foils and cork.

Engineered Nonwovens
Spectex offers a full line of engineered industrial felt products. Traditional wool felts, needled synthetic fiber felts, woven felts, specialty velvets, plushes and adhesive backed felt products are available.

Spectex does not cater to any particular industry and works with a worldwide variety of gasket materials such as rubber, plastic, felt and foams just to name a few. The gaskets can be simple doughnut shapes to complex geometries with irregular cutouts and hole patterns. Gaskets can be offered with or without an adhesive on one or both surfaces and can be provided on a backing material to allow the installer to peel and place. Gaskets are cut using various tooling such as steel rule dies, high precision rotary dies and forged dies.

Plastic Gaskets / Die Cut Parts
Spectex is a foremost manufacturer of precision plastic gaskets and plastic die cut parts and plastic-related substrates.

Rubber Gaskets / Die Cut Parts
Spectex is a foremost manufacturer of precision rubber gaskets and rubber die cut parts and rubber-related substrates.

Spectex manufactures a variety of custom, proprietary products that are used in the Health, Safety and Medical industry. Some of these include disposable one time or “tear away” lenses for eye protection, check valves and gaskets for respiratory equipment, a variety of filters for air cleaning and personal protection and components for thermal protection. Spectex can assist you in developing, producing and packaging products for your health, safety or medical application.

Composite Reinforcements
Spectex personnel have worked in the composites industry for over 30 years. The specific area of expertise is in the manufacture of specialty textile fabrications including 2-D and 3-D weaving , 2-D and 3-D braiding, cutting and kitting and resin transfer molding preforms. We have worked with carbon, glass, aramid and ceramic fibers. Capabilities include textile design as well as manufacturing for a wide range of applications and products.

Adhesive BackingsEL Lamp is made in rolls and uses aluminum foil as its main conductor. Another big benefit of FLATLITE® is its ability to be converted into various shapes and sizes. Depending on your background lighting situation, Spectex will not only help you in converting it, but can help you create your project thru our mechanical engineering and background lighting knowledge. FLATLITE® allows designers to put light where it was never before possible with an ease of fabrication not matched by any other light source in the world.

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Spectex is a full-service materials converter serving markets including Aerospace, Medical, Energy, Safety and Communications.