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Rotary Die Cutting

Spectex has a variety of Rotary Die Cutting machines which utilize a cylindrical die which travels over a flat surface which contains the depressed female die. A wide variety of materials can be roll-fed or sheet-fed through the rolling rotary die cutting die. This includes rubber and related rubber products, plastics of all types, fiber, felt, and foam. Please see a complete listing under "Products: Gaskets and Die Cut Parts". The die cuts or perforates desired shapes and the waste is disposed. "Kiss Cutting" is readily performed because the die does not touch the liner.

The advantages of Spectex rotary die cutting capabilities are numerous:

  • Wide variety of substrates
  • Minimal waste due to small kerf
  • Very precise dimensional accuracy
  • Fast turn-around
  • Affordable die cost
  • Exceptional speed
  • Versatility - Rotary die cutting can be combined with other processes
  • Ideal for pressure sensitive backed products.

Spectex is a full-service materials converter serving markets including Aerospace, Medical, Energy, Safety and Communications.